Employer Branding

Our employer branding agency is specializing in employer Branding and using marketing communications strategies to increase awareness for the company to retain employees and increase the number of inbound resumes.

“Employing Branding” solutions by Allmedia

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The Israeli job market is in need of 15,000 high-tech employees, a number that increases every year. The war for the best talent is consequently becoming more and more frustrating and challenging to the point where recruitment departments are willing to make extraordinary efforts in order to attract and recruit their ideals candidates.

So how do you capture the attention of potential employees? And how do we preserve current employees and prevent the temptation to move to another company? A good place to start is what we call “employer branding” – using marketing strategies to increase awareness and sympathy for the company among target employees in order to retain employees, increase the number of resumes that flow into the recruitment department and encourage candidates choose your organization over many other high-tech companies offering them a job.

Allmedia Marketing & Communications specializes in marketing strategies, consulting, planning and execution of marketing, advertising, public relations and digital activities in order to position your organization in a positive light among job seekers.

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Allmedia’s Employer Branding solution includes three main stages:

Research and mapping – getting to know the employer, his business and technology activities, mapping the company’s strengths and advantages for current employees, potential employees and recruitment channels.

Formulating a Strategy – In accordance with the research results and employment benefits, we will formulate a strategic plan that will persuade potential employees to join your company. This strategy will include: Forming key messages and supportive messages, selecting the right marketing media in order to reach the target audience and preparing a Gantt chart for the stages of the plan.

Implementation – executing the plan through carefully chosen marketing communication tools.

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