Social Networks & New Media

New media presence, especially on social networks, is an integral part of any 21st century company’s image and branding. Allmedia’s New Media division specializes in smart marketing, websites and social networks, and provides a variety of services: establishment, operation and promotion of company pages on social networks and professional blogs. The division also offers consultation on establishment of websites and content management, smart advertising (including SEO), real-time brand monitoring, and internet crisis management.

We offer a wide array of services to enhance our clients’ presence and image on the web:

  • Establishment, operation, design and promotion of company pages on new media platforms: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and more
  • Establishment, operation, and content writing for professional blogs
  • Consultation on setting up websites and content management
  • Smart advertising: banners and Adwords
  • Production of viral image clips
  • Brand monitoring with real-time response
  • Internet crisis management
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Among our customers:

  • Lenovo Israel
  • Philips Israel
  • Anker Israel
  • Visual D.G
  • Neway

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